Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mega Link Round-Up...

More than likely I have many of these posted already, but I'm clearing out the saved bookmarks on the iPad,a and just to be on the safe side, I'm posting (again) so I don't lose any of them. This is a collection of all sorts of goodies I've stashed away for use in our schooling...crafts, Middle Ages, Revolutionary War, etc.
Sorry if you've gathered these and I'm just clogging up your blog reading ☺

Kings, Queens, and Castles collected links

Story-based History Tool, DIYHomeschooler

Middle Ages via

H.E. Marshall, Baldwin Project

Paper Toys....all sorts of fun here!

U.S. History Pages

America's History Pages...a great, useful collection from the government of all places :-)

TOG year 2 forms, Highland Heritage Homeschool (so many great forms shared, definite bookmark worthy site!)

Discovery Education, free Kindergarten-5th grade varied lesson plans

Some Magic School Bus on YouTube

Bible for Children, OT and NT

Around the World in 80 Days interactive site

Around the World in 80 Days, vocabulary

Michael Palin's modern day journal of Phileas Fogg's trek

Knights, Castles lapbooks at Homeschool School

Make a Shield for your Medieval Times study

Armor of God, DLTK sheets

Build a Castle!

Teacher Resources...Life in the Middle Ages

History for Kids, Middle Ages Projects

A Book in Time, Middle Ages book list

A to Z Kids Stuff, Middle Ages links

Britain Express, Medieval England

Medieval History in The movies

Middle Ages, Chivalry, etc.

Beacon Learning Center Middle Ages interactive

Historical King Arthur

The Lady of Shallot, Alfred Lord Tennyson

Mr Donn's Middle Ages...well worth bookmarking, he has many other pages

Learning Adventures blog page, collected Medieval links

Mattman's Arthurian Resources

Paula's Archives, Supplemental Literature for History

Book lists for great unit study beginnings

Vikings Lessons

King Arthur interactive quest

Astronomy unit, Easy Fun School

Castle coloring pages

Katie's Homeschool Cottage, great unit study ideas, book lists, etc.

Ancient Civilizations, Egypt and more, Mr Donn's pages

Archaeology links

Ancient Worlds

Social Studies for Kids, American Colonies part 1
American Colonies, part 2
American Colonies, part 3

John Adams lapbook, HomeschoolShare
American Revolutionary War, HomeschoolShare Connections

Calico Bush unit study

Lewis and Clark, HomeschoolShare

Ancient Egypt, Discover the Nile

Simple papyrus craft, Crayola

Egypt for Kids, Fast Facts

Egyptian coloring pages

Plant and Animal Life along the Nile

Peas in a Pod blog post on Ancient Egypt

Neferchichi Ancient Egypt lesson plans

Discovering Egypt, Heiroglyphics

Ancient Egypt, Pharaohs Mask craft

That's several. I have a tendency toward saving anything and everything that even looks potentially useful :-) Hopefully there are some of these you will find useful as well!

- Blessings from Abundant Blessings Homestead!