Saturday, January 16, 2010

Little House: Big Woods, Week 2

We will not be getting  into a long study on the Sunday vs Sabbath debate that pulls Christians into dividing camps, but we will look at a few articles in general to get a very basic overview of these two days...please use or ignore this portion of our notes after prayerful discussion with your husband.  I am not promoting either one as that is fully between you, your husband, and God.

Yahweh's Set Apart Days
Reasoning from The Scriptures Ministry
Christian Answers: The Sabbath
Sunday Law Net

Dictionary Skills at eMints contains several links, including this PDF on using a dictionary
The Best Source of Words
How to Use The Dictionary interactive

Maple Syrup PDF file  great information
A good, informative article with lots of links and YouTube clips on maple tapping and syrup making
CTMaple tutorial 
an Illinois home syrup maker
How to Make Maple Syrup tutorial
Maple Tapping tutorial
Minnesota Maple Series: tree identification
Tap My Trees:  Backyard Maple Tapping

Making Hasty Pudding and a history

Video Square Dance Lessons online from Saddlebrook Squares
Open Squares: Basic Figurin' online clips
History of Square Dancing article
Q&A History of Square Dancing

Online Knitting Tutorial
RocketMoms Learning to Knit  links several YouTube clips

Wax Rose Tutorial

Your Skin...from KidsHealth
FactMonster: Your Body Systems
Heath HowStuffWorks: The Skin Channel

Nutrition Data on all types of chesses
Honey vs Sugar at Honey Health

Enchanted Learning: The Moon
Google Moon's Moon pages
The Moon at NASA

Yellow Jackets information
Yellow Jacket Wasps
anatomy of a wasp drawing
anatomy of bees and wasps

Purdue University: Oats
History of Oats
Guide to Growing Oats

Straw Hat Making
Family Crafts pages: Making Hats How-To's lots of links
Cousin Ed's Paper Hat

Sumac from The Handmaiden's Kitchen will learn alot visiting her often! She is learning and sharing a great deal about foraging from the wild and using herbs for medicinal purposes.
Sumac Lemonade from Mother Earth News
Sumac Identification
Sumac Identification at REWILD
Medicinal Herb Info: Sumac

Nevada County GOLD California Gold Rush
Eyewitness to History: The Gold Rush
California Gold Rush Timeline
Gold Rush pages at
PBS Go! Gold Rush pages
The Gold Rush and Native Americans
A Book in Time listing of 1850's American History reading
EasyFunSchool: Gold Rush pages- there are tons of great links to be found here!
Fun Facts of The Gold Rush
Teachers Guide to The Gold Rush's pages on Finding The Elephant 

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