Friday, January 15, 2010

Little House: Big Woods, Week 1

You already know where my favorite resources are for activities using Little House on The Prairie and The Prairie Primer are...
Here are some goodies I'm adding in for our walk might check back later as I will add more if I come across other trinkets worth keeping!

HomeschoolShare pages for Little House in The Big Woods

National Geographic:  Grizzlies article 
Sheppard Software Online: Bears  be sure to check out their many other pages while there!

Animal tracks:  Beartracker's Animal Den
scroll down the page to find plenty of subpages, including making a plaster cast, scat tracks, learn to be a tracker, etc.
Funschool Kaboose:  Animal Track game online
Animal Tracks:  Field Journal

Prisms: Separating light with a prism PDF file
Light-Science site
some YouTube videos on Light and Prisms

How Stuff Works:  Rust
Corrosionist:  What is rust?

Owl Pages
Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife Owl Pages  They also have a great PDF file
Information on Owls  a great resource
Enchanted Learning:  Owls

brief history of Guns
another history of firearms's Timeline of Gun History
Firearm Safety  there is a somewhat graphic picture about halfway down...just fair warning

Kidcyber site: My Lungs  geared toward younger children
National Geographic:  Lungs, Breathing  including lung anatomy

CDC pages on Rabies
Indiana State pages on Rabies

Corn Husk Dolls  1  3  4

Louis Pasteur

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