Saturday, November 19, 2011

LHOP: Long Winter, week 4 notes

Week 4 links via We Love The Prairie Primer

Monday:  chapters 28-29
Tuesday: chapters 30-31
Wednesday: chapters 32- 33, finishes the book
Thursday...if you have the book Laura Ingalls Wilder Country, ready The Long Winter, chapter 6

What did Pa get angry with (pg 288)?
What made Pa mind the weather more than usual? What was Laura's solution?
Had they prayed for Almanzo and Cap? What made it ok intheir eyes to pray for them?
Who did the town's people look to for wisdom?
What was Pa's argument?
What dide Almanzo notice about Pa (pg 308)?
Discuss: Proverbs 1:19, 15:27, Amos 5:9, Matthew 5:9, 4:4 in light of these chapters
Learn about the nutritional differences between whole wheat flour and non-enriched white flour. What vitamins does white flour lack? What vitamins did the Ingalls receive by eating whole wheat instead of white?
How was God's Provision better than Laura's desire for white bread? How is God's Will better than our own will for our lives? Name an instance where God's Will proved much better than your own will.
God provided for the Ingalls...consider the verses Philippians 4:11, 13, 19, Psalm 146:7, 37:25, Matthew 6:8-13
learn some songs from Laura's time, lyrics from some of Pa's songs here
What is Chinook, and what differences did it bring? read about the Legend of The Chinook Wind here, learn how the Chinook winds work here and here
Apply Proverbs 17:22 and 16:24 to the story
Pa called Ma 'Nebuchadnezzar' when she suggested eating greens. Read the story of Nebuchadnezzar from Daniel 4 or Daniel 5 (or here at History World). Who was he? Why did he eat grass?
Learn about the wind and how wind is caused by temperature differences and the rotation of the Earth
The last of the wheat was used the day the train arrived in town. Read more stories in your Bible of how God's Provision lasted only as long as was needed (The Israelites and manna, the widow woman and the oil, etc.)

Friday, November 11, 2011

LHOP: Long Winter, week 3 notes

Our We Love the Prairie Primer notes this week

differences in flour, white flour vs wheat flour
Livingstone's Africa text online here at Google books, the Primer also suggests the movie Stanley and Livingstone, with Spencer Tracy, 1939  Netflix has Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingstone (1997) but I have not viewed this movie

Monday: chapters 19-20
Tuesday: chapters 21-22
Wednesday: chapters 23-25
Thursday: chapters 26-27
Friday: catch up and review

What good character attribute did Laura show in this chapter?
How did Ma grind the wheat?
What did Ma think to use instead of kerosene for light (pg 192)?
What does the common saying "count your chickens before they are hatched" mean?
Narrate/Dictate/Copywork:  tell what happened on the antelope hunt
On page 193 Pa makes a statement about modern conveniences. List some modern conveniences/luxuries we have grown dependent on
make a nutritional chart and place a star on each time you eat something from the chart groupings
make a button lamp
How do you think the town of DeSmet received word the trains would not be running until spring?
Narrate/Dictate: tell the story of the train superintendent
What did they do to lift their spirits?
What did the girls do for fun?
What unique way did Pa make to feed the horses? How did patience and perserverance fit his actions?
Why was the house warmer?
What did Pa find that he could not do?
Who was Paul Revere? a biography is here, Enchanted Learning page here
Read selections from McGuffey's Fifth Reader like Laura did in school  at Google Books, Project Gutenberg  here is a list of more online vintage Readers
How are Laura's Readers from school different from some of your textbooks today?
Use a Bible Concordance to find mention of Tubal Cain. What did Tubal Cain do?
What did ma say about complaining? What does God say about complaining?
Why was killing Ellen and the heifer calf a last resort?
How did Pa get food? How were the weather and lack of food affecting the family?
What was Almanzo thinking about doing?
Which of Almanzo's parents' saying is better (pg 258)?
Based on earlier events in the book, what arte the dangers Almanzo faces on his mission?
Apply the verses Philippians 2:14-15 and Psalm 111:5 to the story and your life.
Copywork: copy out some verses about complaining, such as Numbers 11:1
Memorize your favorite poem from McGuffey's Fifth Reader
Apply Proverbs 29:7 to chapter 25
What image of a blizzard does the word 'scouring' give?
Narrate/Dictate: describe the work Pa had to do to get hay to the house so they would not freeze to death.
What special joke did Pa and Grace share (pg 261)?
What did Pa do for entertainment (pg 261)?
When was Almanzo not glad he was free and independent? What do you think he might miss about living at home?
What did Almanzo like about mornings?
Why did Almanzo like Cap?
Was Anderson happy to see the boys? How long had it been since he had seen someone?
 What was the most convicting argument for him to sell the wheat?
From where did Almanzo get the courage to face the elements?
Narrate/Dictate: write a report on frostbite and its effects
Did Almanzo treat his frostbite correctly? What should he have done? When exposed to extreme cold, how can we help prevent frostbite?
Discuss John 15:13 and apply this verse to the story and to your life. Memorize this verse.

Monday, November 7, 2011

CurrCllick Class: A Pioneeer Christmas

Christmas Live Class! A Pioneer Christmas in America

I love CurrClick's resources!
In fitting with our Little House on the Prairie study, I wanted to pass this notice along for a one day online class CurrClick and Lessons Worth Learning are offering.

Here's the info...go check it out and get registered:


December 5, 2011 Schedule
2:00 pm Central Time (UTC-6)
2:00 pm your time
90 minutes


A Pioneer Christmas in America is a live class all about pioneer life in America and how they celebrated Christmas. Monday December 5th at 2 pm Central Time

Come share an old-fashioned Christmas with me!

I will send out a project pack of ideas before class begins. These can be used for follow up after the class, or to share in class with us by emailing a picture of a completed project.

*A project is not required. You can just join us to enjoy the class.

Check out my other seasonal classes, also!!

Date of Class

This class will meet at 2 pm Central Time on Monday, December 5. Plan for a about a 1 1/2 hour class. This should give us time for class participation as well.

What You Need

The class will meet in the virtual classroom. It is suggested that you have a headset with microphone for best results. You can use the computer speakers for the whole family to participate. You can also use the chat box to participate in class.

This is a special price. You pay only once for the whole family to enjoy!

If you enjoyed my Pioneer Christmas class last year, you will still enjoy this one. I always add new things each year.

About the Teacher

Loretta Rhodes is a homeschool mom of 4, ranging in age from 4-18. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Athens University, Athens, AL and has been teaching for 20 years, both public and private classes. She loves teaching. Her classes are interactive, meaning that she loves to do Q&A discussions with the students, group work, and interesting projects. "I love to have the children get involved in learning, so that learning becomes an awesome experience for them." You can contact her at She would love to hear from you!

All Lessons Worth Learning classes are taught from a Christian worldview perspective.

BlogShare: Deep Space Sparkle

Deep Space Sparkle has some great ideas, PDF lessons, links and more...enjoy!

LHOP: Long Winter, week 2 notes

Another bout of vanishing drafts here at Blogger.

As always, we are following along with our Primer and the great resources available at We Love the Prairie Primer blog, week 2 links here.

Monday: chapters 11-12
Tuesday: chapters 13-15
Wednesday: chapters 16-17
Thursday: chapter 18
Friday: catch up and review

Highlights to study this week:
dietary fat intake
sunrise/sunset times on the longest and shortest days for your area and for South Dakota
Wind chill factor
coal oil and other forms of energy
the eye, cornea and snow blindness
ultraviolet light
the effects of light deprivation

Who returned with Pa? What did the girls remember about him?
What did the Ingalls do for church?
What do you think was the wisest idea for survival, if caught in a blizzard?
What did they do to conserve coal? kerosene?
How did the girls occupy their time during the blizzard?
What is the wind chill factor? Here is the NOAA chart
Compare and discuss: Psalm 119:16, 52 with reading chapter chapter 13
have a family night like Laura's family did
where does kerosene come from? read here from The Secret of Everyday Things at The Baldwyn Project
learn where crude oil comes from, here is one source
Where did Pa go and why (pg 151)? What took him so long (pgs 154-155)?
what did Ma and the girls do that night?
What supplies were low? What was the family out of?
Why were butter and fat meat drippings an important to the Ingalls' diet? Why do we limit these now? Discuss the link between fat intake and cancer, obesity, heart disease,e tc.
Describe how to blacken a stove (pg 171). What purpose did this serve?
What did laura give for Christmas? What special treat did they have for Christmas? What did planning ahead make available for them on Christmas?
discuss snow blindness and how to prevent it
What did Pa invent?