Monday, November 7, 2011

LHOP: Long Winter, week 2 notes

Another bout of vanishing drafts here at Blogger.

As always, we are following along with our Primer and the great resources available at We Love the Prairie Primer blog, week 2 links here.

Monday: chapters 11-12
Tuesday: chapters 13-15
Wednesday: chapters 16-17
Thursday: chapter 18
Friday: catch up and review

Highlights to study this week:
dietary fat intake
sunrise/sunset times on the longest and shortest days for your area and for South Dakota
Wind chill factor
coal oil and other forms of energy
the eye, cornea and snow blindness
ultraviolet light
the effects of light deprivation

Who returned with Pa? What did the girls remember about him?
What did the Ingalls do for church?
What do you think was the wisest idea for survival, if caught in a blizzard?
What did they do to conserve coal? kerosene?
How did the girls occupy their time during the blizzard?
What is the wind chill factor? Here is the NOAA chart
Compare and discuss: Psalm 119:16, 52 with reading chapter chapter 13
have a family night like Laura's family did
where does kerosene come from? read here from The Secret of Everyday Things at The Baldwyn Project
learn where crude oil comes from, here is one source
Where did Pa go and why (pg 151)? What took him so long (pgs 154-155)?
what did Ma and the girls do that night?
What supplies were low? What was the family out of?
Why were butter and fat meat drippings an important to the Ingalls' diet? Why do we limit these now? Discuss the link between fat intake and cancer, obesity, heart disease,e tc.
Describe how to blacken a stove (pg 171). What purpose did this serve?
What did laura give for Christmas? What special treat did they have for Christmas? What did planning ahead make available for them on Christmas?
discuss snow blindness and how to prevent it
What did Pa invent?

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