Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Old Time Radio Singles for History

We love audio resources, and old radio type shows are definitely a favorite...

Old Time Radio Singles (we'll use alot of these, but right now, scroll mid-page to the Singles section)

Next Stop: The American Revolution

Jumbling several directional thoughts together here, so bear with the chaos and take what you might like to use, share whatever resources and ideas you may have yourself in my comments :o)

Books to read:
Johnny Tremain
My Brother Sam is Dead
Guns for General Washington
Phoebe the Spy
Toliver's Secret
The Fighting Ground
George Washington's Socks
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?
Woods Runner, Gary Paulsen
The Felicity series, American Girls
Yankee Doodle and The Secret Society
The Winter of Red Snow, Dear America Series
Magic Tree House #22...Revolutionary War on Wednesday
Sign of The Beaver is a favorite here, both book and movie version
The Matchlock Gun
A collection of Amazon books on the Revolutionary War
Some Bestseller's in Colonial from Amazon...

Unit Studies and Resources Online:
Homeschool Helper Online 
Eclectic Homeschool's Unit
The Homeschool Mom
Easy Fun School
HotChalk Lesson Plans page
Homeschool in the Woods' Time Travelers -- we loved our Colonial lapbook resources and I expect the American Revolution to be just as fun
The Old Schoolhouse article
KidInfo site
American Revolution...pre-cause, people, events, post-cause
The American
The History Place...always a favorite!
My Revolutionary
The Revolutionary War links
Revolutionary War Timeline from
KidPort pages
Social Studies for Kids
National Park Service pages
CurrClick American Revolution links CurrClick has many resources available to browse
American Sons of Liberty

Bloggers sharing their lists and ideas:
The School Down the Lane
Oklahoma Homeschool/Cindy Downes

Documentaries and other Media:
Liberty's Kids
and Liberty's Kids online episodes via Clicker Online TV
Founding Brothers... book form, Netflix, Clicker online TV, VideoSurf Online, Desired Movies online  **I have NOT checked the validity or service of any of these providers aside from Netflix.  I have collected these links by doing a simple search.  Use caution when viewing.
You also have 1776, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson...the adult reading books are endless....

Crafts & Project ideas:
Dover Publications collection of paper dolls of all kinds
Paper Dali...ok, rather cheesey free paper dolls, but use it to spark your own creativity :o)
of course, Felicity of the American Girls collection
A Book in Time craft ideas
Junior General...tons of files of paper soldiers you make yourself, scroll thru, print and have fun!
American Kids in History - Revolutionary War Days activity book

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Schooling Along...and Kindle-ing Along

We have a well-loaded Kindle. I am sure there are drawbacks to a Kindle over say a Nook, and iPad, and all the other colorful eReaders out there now, but I love this Kindle. I'm a bit envious of the iPad, but not enough to plunk down that kind of money for one. So, Kindle it is here around here.

We have loaded some audio books to use for schooling...Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen is one. I started a small monthly subscription to Audibles and we'll see how that goes.  I may or may not keep it going.  I'd love the 49 hour Gone with The Wind :o) but I have more practical audibles in my wish list, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Anne of Green Gables, some other Gary Paulsen.  Who knows?  I've also put a few human-read audios from Project Gutenburg on the Kindle as well.

We are slowly getting back on track with Paths of Exploration here.  Daniel Boone has lounged here long enough, time to move onward through the Revolutionary War and meet up with Lewis and Clark. I will be ordering Paths of Settlement in the next month or two so it's here and ready.  I'd like to preview it a bit and line up my added resources so we're ready to hit the desks running :o)

I know we use Rod & Staff, and that works well for us most often, but I am going to finish the current grade levels this year with Christian Light Education Light UnitsThey are the equvilant of Alpha Omega's LifePacs, just without all the showy color and added pretties.  We have used them many times before, and I thought I was settled indefinitely with Rod & Staff....but, we are out of sync here with regularly scheduled schooling, and the LightUnits are what I need to get us set back on the track to regular and normal again. So, that's on the agenda for ordering in a week or so here, too.

We have also been enjoying our various nature readings and fun.  Aside from the Handbook of Nature Study that we love love love, we are using some resources from Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives. No, I'm not in the UK, but I can certainly glean many ideas from this great site :)  The Nature Calendar, the Half-term idea pack...all good stuff :o)

So...what's the latest adventures in your homeschooling?  Do you have a theme unit right now like our Daniel Boone and the Revolutionary War? Any great reads you want to share?  Are you using your Kindle for schooling? 

What's up around your desks these days...