Thursday, February 24, 2011

Still Schooling Along...and Kindle-ing Along

We have a well-loaded Kindle. I am sure there are drawbacks to a Kindle over say a Nook, and iPad, and all the other colorful eReaders out there now, but I love this Kindle. I'm a bit envious of the iPad, but not enough to plunk down that kind of money for one. So, Kindle it is here around here.

We have loaded some audio books to use for schooling...Woods Runner by Gary Paulsen is one. I started a small monthly subscription to Audibles and we'll see how that goes.  I may or may not keep it going.  I'd love the 49 hour Gone with The Wind :o) but I have more practical audibles in my wish list, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer, Anne of Green Gables, some other Gary Paulsen.  Who knows?  I've also put a few human-read audios from Project Gutenburg on the Kindle as well.

We are slowly getting back on track with Paths of Exploration here.  Daniel Boone has lounged here long enough, time to move onward through the Revolutionary War and meet up with Lewis and Clark. I will be ordering Paths of Settlement in the next month or two so it's here and ready.  I'd like to preview it a bit and line up my added resources so we're ready to hit the desks running :o)

I know we use Rod & Staff, and that works well for us most often, but I am going to finish the current grade levels this year with Christian Light Education Light UnitsThey are the equvilant of Alpha Omega's LifePacs, just without all the showy color and added pretties.  We have used them many times before, and I thought I was settled indefinitely with Rod & Staff....but, we are out of sync here with regularly scheduled schooling, and the LightUnits are what I need to get us set back on the track to regular and normal again. So, that's on the agenda for ordering in a week or so here, too.

We have also been enjoying our various nature readings and fun.  Aside from the Handbook of Nature Study that we love love love, we are using some resources from Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives. No, I'm not in the UK, but I can certainly glean many ideas from this great site :)  The Nature Calendar, the Half-term idea pack...all good stuff :o)

So...what's the latest adventures in your homeschooling?  Do you have a theme unit right now like our Daniel Boone and the Revolutionary War? Any great reads you want to share?  Are you using your Kindle for schooling? 

What's up around your desks these days...

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Blessed Mom said...

Well, I've already shared with you that we're starting Paths of Exploration as well! We've not been using the kindle as much as I'd hoped, but I'm definately hoping to add to it's use with the upcoming units! We're adding a new math program here also...Math on the Level. It's a very different approach to integrated is what they call it. It teaches math concepts in real life settings and such. Looks like fun!

Other than that, we're working on piano lessons, led by me, who is also trying to learn along with them, and working on various skills in their Keepers of the Faith books! Not to mention just everyday life skills neccessary for getting along day to day! Busy, busy...but blessed!