Thursday, June 9, 2011

LHOP: Big Woods, Week 4

The Gold Rush tops this week’s study. See our resources in the first unit as well.

A Gold Rush Poem from History-for-kids
PBS GO! WayBack Files: The Gold Rush
Huntington Education interactive story page on the Gold Rush
American History Kids Page and here for teachers
The History of The Gold Rush
California Gold Rush for Kids….and scroll down to the bottom for additional related articles The Gold Rush
study the refining and processing of gold and its uses
study mining techniques
Have a Gold Rush Day: layout a ‘claim’ with your Bible memory verses written on yellow paper and crumpled up (gold nuggets), eat yellow foods (cornbread, jell-o, pears, bananas, yellow squash, honey, lemonade, etc)…

some fun movies and documentaries:
The Gold Rush…maybe not historical correct, but Charlie Chaplin is a classic!
American Experience: The Gold Rush
The History Channel’s documentary on Gold

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