Monday, June 13, 2011

PP: The Long Winter

This is probably one of my favorite Little House on The Prairie Books.


Memory Work:

Psalm 34 or Psalm 37


Activities, Studies and Crafts:

weather patterns, including natural disasters such as tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc) We will utilize The Handbook of Nature Study and Considering God’s Creation with this study.

modern agencies that help victims of storm-related disasters (FEMA, Red Cross, National Guard, etc)

make a plan of action for the common natural occurrences in your region…include emergency bags and kits, safety plans, etc.

learn about Samuel Morse (online here and here) and Morse Code and the telegraph (online here and here)


the water cycle

Indians of South Dakota Souix, Blackfeet

The Battle of Wounded Knee

Earth’s rotation, effects on sunrise, sunset, climate, etc.

heat index and wind chill

Chicken digestive system

medicinal properties of ginger

light, effects of light deprivation

crude oil, kerosene, coal…for heating and lighting (where does it come from)

grind wheat and bake bread

study verses on complaining, use a Concordance

learn about the effects, prevention and treatments for frostbite

the importance of vitamins, the effects of vitamin deficiency

braid straw (how a straw hat is sewn here and here) a bracelet using straws, but could be done with straw


Word List:


whiffle characteristics of trees

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Cindy said...


I plan on using Prairie Primer (again) a little later this summer. I look forward to reading your posts :)