Monday, July 4, 2011

Westward Ho Everyone!

This week begins Little House in the Big Woods.  Each day we'll read one chapter, ending with chapter 4 on Friday.  Be sure to check out We Love The Prairie Primer blog for some great links and YouTube resources for each chapter as we go along! Don't have the books? Check out some sources here and here, including other titles of interest with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Vocabulary lists can be made as you read, or you can use these great lists over at Garden of Praise.
There is also a great lapbook for Big Woods here at HomeschoolShare and another great one at Lapbook Lessons. Be sure to check out EasyFunSchool's Little House pages for ideas for crafts and more, as well as puzzles and games connected with the various books. A page of Laura Ingalls Prairie Books resources are here, with some crafts, some musid and more.

Pa spends time whittling...a great way to make this story a little more "boy friendly" might be learning to whittle, or easier yet: soap carving!  Ivory Soap Carving. There is a great book for kids on soap carving, Soap Carving for Children of All Ages.

There are plenty of resources for crafting corn cob dolls...but if a corn cob isn't available, try easy corn husk dolls instead! Most large grocery stores or specialty food stores carry bulk corn husks in the section with Mexican foods. Native American Corn Husk Dolls...NativeTech...and a great YouTube source.

Some other things to discuss this preservation such as smoking foods,drying foods and root cellaring, gun safety and hunting regulations for your state, God's Umbrella of Protection in the home and His Order of Authority, etc.  There will be plenty of ideas coming to life as you read through this week's chapters and find areas of interest with your children!

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Cheesemakin' Mamma said...

All great stuff! Love the picture at the top of your post. Gives me chills :)