Friday, July 29, 2011

LHOP: On The Prairie

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Starting August 1st, we will begin the second book in the Little House on The Prairie Series, Little House on The Prairie.  In this book, Ma and Pa make the move from the Big Woods to the prairie land of Kansas.  Originally, Ms. Wilder intended only to write the one book, but the response was so great, she continued along producing 8 volumes of her story.

In The Big Woods, Laura was said to have been 6 years old. In reality, Laura was just 2 years old, and Baby Carrie was not born yet.  In planning only 1 book, she connected stories in a way that flowed quite well, but created a problem for the future stories.  Many of the events in Little House on The Prairie actually occured before Big Woods, as the journey to the Kansas prairie happened when Laura was 2 years old.

Does it bother the story really to know this? It sure didn't for us! The adventures are just as inspiring and engrossing, no matter what her age!

The Osage Indians are a part of Laura's adventures in this story. Here are several links for learning more about the Osage History
Facts for Kids: The Osage
The Osage
Osage Indian Culture and History
Kansas Book Collection, The Osage
Kansas Genealogy Osage Tribe...there are some good links at the bottom of the page in additional information.

United States Postal Service Notes:
History of the USPS from their own site has a great collection of historical notes on the postal service and pony express
History of the Post Office

Bible Memory for this book is Psalm 8 and here are Matthew Henry's notes from his Commentary.

As with Big Woods, we will definitely keep following along with great links shared at We Love The Prairie Primer  each week (here are links for Week 1) as we read through Little House on The Prairie.

Please share your thoughts, links and projects with us weekly as we go along so others may benefit from your adventures as well.

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Life of a plainlady said...

As Laura was to have commented later in life, "I didn't know I was writing history. I was just writing stories!"
It was interesting find out what the 'real' timeline of Laura's life was like but it didn't ruin any of the stories for me either.