Wednesday, June 30, 2010

POE: Jamestown, The Mayflower, Pilgrims, etc.

While I'm waiting on a mega download of new printer drivers for this mini (I love this thing, but oh how I miss having a disk drive!!!!) I started scanning around for some extra books to add to our coming Jamestown portion of Paths of Exploration study. Here's what I have so far -- if anyone has any favorites or other suggestions, do share!!
(I may come back to this same page and update things...any changes will be marked in red text)

Almost Home: A Story Based on The Life of The Mayflower's Mary Chilton, Wendy Lawton (A Daughters of The Faith series)
The Captive Princess: A Story Based on The Life of Young Pocahontas, Wendy Lawton (a Daughters of The Faith series)
Blood on The River: James Town, 1607, Elisa Carbone
Surviving Jamestown: The Adventures of Sam Collier, Gail Karwoski
1607: A New Look at Jamestown, Karen Lange
The Lost Colony of Roanoke, Jean Fritz
Mystery of the Lost Colony (Roanoke), Lee Miller
Pocahontas, Joseph Bruchac  (and later, for Lewis & Clark: Sacajawea, by him as well)
The Landing of The Pilgrims, James Daugherty
A Gathering of Days, Joan W. Blos
The Story of Liberty: So You Will Comprehend What Liberty Has Cost...And What It's Worth, Charles Carleton Coffin
Mayflower 1620: A New Look at a Pilgrim Voyage, Peter Arenstam
Tapenum's Day: A Wampanoag Indian Boy's Day in Pilgrim Times, Kate Waters
   We will probably check out Sarah Morton's Day and Samuel Eaton's Day, and On The Mayflower as well...they are favorites!)
Three Young Pilgrims, Cheryl Harness
The Mayflower and The Pilgrim's New World, Nathaniel Philbrick
Squanto: Friend of The Pilgrims and A Lion To Guide Us, Clyde Robert Bulla
Stories of The Pilgrims, Margaret B. Pumphrey
A Journey To The New World: The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple, Mayflower 1620 (a Dear America series)
The Starving Time: Elizabeth's Jamestown Colony Diary (A My America series), Patricia Hermes
Sign of The Beaver, Elizabeth George Speare is a great read-aloud
The Felicity series (American Girls)
We have selected chapters in This Country of Ours, H.E. Marshall (parts 2 & 3 for sure...) and
The Story of The World, vol. 3 (chapter 15+)
I'd like to check into the Besty Maestro series of history stories as well...
And maybe some of the various "If You Lived..." books that would coincide with our studies...

We might find something worth using on Wowio, to use as well.

I am interested in The Colonial Life set from Homeschool In The Woods, but I don't know if we'll order it. I have a couple other unit study/lapbook sets here already that will probably prove more than enough. We have a History Scribe set on Indians we can pull some pages from, as well as a 17th Century Life lapbook set. I just love CurrClick!
Highland Heritage Homeschool has a unit on Colonial America...among several other great pages!
Learning Through History Newsletter, Pocahontas Study
Instructor Web, Jamestown Lesson Plan

We will definitely be creating the Jamestown Replica!
Colonial Craft Day
Ye Olde Colonial Craft Book (probably give the entire site a good once over with the children)
A Book In Time has some crafting ideas, as well as a great listing of books, ideas and the like: The 1600's, The 1700's, The 1800's, The 1900's
I'd like to add the books in the Hands-On America series to our home library....crafts and handwork projects covering all peoples, countries and such. 
Suite 101 has some links I want to check out, even if just to glean more ideas
The Teen listing at LibraryPoint

Old Time Radio Shows has several You Are There programs to listen to as well...great resource!
Edupicks is a terrific coloring page, timeline art, etc. site.  They have EVERYTHING, I swear!
Passport To Colonial Times site...looks really neat, we might do this.

POE Work quick update

We are over halfway through Columbus, and I think we might break between so that we are in Jamestown during late October and November, to tie in some craft fun with pilgrims and Thanksgiving.  I need to get it laid out and run the calender first.

I ordered several mini units through CurrClick today and they look to be fun additions to our full unit here. I have also set up my list over at Homeschool in The Woods and we will be getting their Colonial Life Time Travelers History Study unit as well.

Has anyone ever used the Homeschool in The Woods products?  What about History Pockets?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paths of Exploration: Jamestown

Gathering some ideas to supplement our next unit in Paths...

Hotchalk Lesson Plans on Jamestown
     JamesQuest has some wonderful links I'm sure we'll put to use
Homeschool In The Woods has several great products we have been talking about trying out...a replica of Jamestown to put together, and a whole slew of Time Travelers packs...
Creative Learning Connection has a couple we are pondering...Jamestown The Birth of a Nation, Jamestown Lapbook components....looks like a neat site to order from.

We will probably go back and look around at Sea Scholars Lessons Plans, too.

Various sub-topics will include things like oceans and seas, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Lost Colony at Roanoke, lifestyle during the 1600's (dress, everyday life, customs, religions, etc).  And, of course, look at native tribes and Indians (who studies the Pilgrims without reading about Pocahontas??)

We will be studying climates, elevation, physical maps, latitude/longitude, comparing the climate of England with that of Seattle, Washington.  We will continue with clouds and wind currents, water cycles, evaporation and such.  And mammals of all kinds, which will work into our drawing and nature notebooks.

Paths of Exploration: Christopher Columbus

We're doing more on oceans, salt water, navigation, parts of ships, types of ships (caravels and a nao).  We are going to read Carry On, Mr. Bowditch in another week or so, studying navigation techniques again; etc. We found a neat page called The Times of Mr. Bowditch.

We'll look into several tropical areas -- Jamaica, Canary Island, Cuba, San Salvador, the Azores, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico...studying aspects of a tropical island life, such as flora and fauna, native dress and customs, and so forth.

We'll be looking at a study of wind currents, clouds, and sea/ocean life.

Here are some pages we're using or have used:
Columbus' Ships
Sailing into the 19th Century
Sea Scholars Lessons Plans...a variety we have/will put to use

We are growing a bit weary of Christopher Columbus to tell the truth, and we will finish his adventures, but bring on Jamestown!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sumer Schooling: Crafty Round-Up

We don't actually "summer school" here, but we do school all year, so I suppose that is summer school, heh?

While working on this and that today I came across a great blog called Creative Jewish Mom.  Wow!  What fun she shares.  Homemade Water Colors are definitely coming to this schooling experience this week!  Homemade Puff Paints, too.  Or a cute little Matchbox Chest of Drawers.

Some fun Ruby Dolls...I could see these done up perhaps in costume following our current study (right now with Paths, it's Columbus, Marco Polo, China, Italy, etc.).

Perhaps some creative Stained Glass Melts...

For some fun sewing (perhaps to add to my Farm market list, who knows?) there is a really cute Reversible Bonnet pattern here...And she has a really neat notebook and pencil holder I'd like to do as well.

Some really neat veggie can crafts....and recycling pop cans into a neat mobile.

Modge Podge and food coloring!  Imagine the possibilities!

A Gazing Ball for the garden...made from styrofoam???  My mom has managed to break like 3 gazing balls lately.  This could be just the thing for her :o)