Monday, June 21, 2010

Paths of Exploration: Jamestown

Gathering some ideas to supplement our next unit in Paths...

Hotchalk Lesson Plans on Jamestown
     JamesQuest has some wonderful links I'm sure we'll put to use
Homeschool In The Woods has several great products we have been talking about trying out...a replica of Jamestown to put together, and a whole slew of Time Travelers packs...
Creative Learning Connection has a couple we are pondering...Jamestown The Birth of a Nation, Jamestown Lapbook components....looks like a neat site to order from.

We will probably go back and look around at Sea Scholars Lessons Plans, too.

Various sub-topics will include things like oceans and seas, Queen Elizabeth I, Sir Walter Raleigh, the Lost Colony at Roanoke, lifestyle during the 1600's (dress, everyday life, customs, religions, etc).  And, of course, look at native tribes and Indians (who studies the Pilgrims without reading about Pocahontas??)

We will be studying climates, elevation, physical maps, latitude/longitude, comparing the climate of England with that of Seattle, Washington.  We will continue with clouds and wind currents, water cycles, evaporation and such.  And mammals of all kinds, which will work into our drawing and nature notebooks.

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Sounds like an interesting study.