Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sumer Schooling: Crafty Round-Up

We don't actually "summer school" here, but we do school all year, so I suppose that is summer school, heh?

While working on this and that today I came across a great blog called Creative Jewish Mom.  Wow!  What fun she shares.  Homemade Water Colors are definitely coming to this schooling experience this week!  Homemade Puff Paints, too.  Or a cute little Matchbox Chest of Drawers.

Some fun Ruby Dolls...I could see these done up perhaps in costume following our current study (right now with Paths, it's Columbus, Marco Polo, China, Italy, etc.).

Perhaps some creative Stained Glass Melts...

For some fun sewing (perhaps to add to my Farm market list, who knows?) there is a really cute Reversible Bonnet pattern here...And she has a really neat notebook and pencil holder I'd like to do as well.

Some really neat veggie can crafts....and recycling pop cans into a neat mobile.

Modge Podge and food coloring!  Imagine the possibilities!

A Gazing Ball for the garden...made from styrofoam???  My mom has managed to break like 3 gazing balls lately.  This could be just the thing for her :o)

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