Saturday, April 21, 2012

LHOP: Little Town week 4

We Love The Prairie Primer week 4 notes and links

Here in our school, we will be working off most of our Civil War items with this week and the next before we start the next book in the Little House series. See Little Town on the Prairie Intro post for some of our noted links and lists. We will be adding to the reading list options as I find more good books, but top of our reading will be a biography/stories on Lincoln,Clara Barton, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, and assorted reading using books such as G.A. Henty's With Lee in Virginia (found free at Google Books and here at Project Gutenberg), Librivox recordings for the Civil War here, Bookshelves search and their Civil War search, The Red Badge of Courage is a read for the olders, Caddie Woodlawn unit study and some fun paper dolls here.

Monday: chapters 22-23
Tuesday: chapter 24
Wednesday: chapter 25. Finished!

Topics for this week:
Andrew Johnson
diagramming sentences
The Battle of Little Big Horn
The Civil War (see Little Town Intro post)
Presidential Timeline

Who first spotted the blizzard?
Explain what Ma meant (pg 266) when she said "You may be well prepared to teach school and still not be a schoolteacher, but if you are not prepared, it's certain you won't be."
What did Laura put up with in order to be in style?
What was the order of the people sitting in church?
Draw a picture of how your church sanctuary is set up.
What is a revival? What did Laura think of the revival?
Why do you think Almanzo asked to see Laura home?
Read about Clara Barton
How many nice dresses does Laura have?
Write the definition and process of impeachment
What did Laura's first teacdhing job mean to her family? To her?
Learn about The Battle at Little Big Horn with General Custer. Write/narrate a report and include pictures.
What is orthography? geography? grammar?
What is a diagrammed sentence? Diagram the sentences Laura diagrammed using the method you are familiar with.

Depending on how long we tarry with the Civil War, we will return to Little House on the Prairie: These Happy Golden Years in late May, reading it thru for the month of June. This will set Farmer Boy for July, and The First Four Years for August. I apologize for the branches here and there during our read-a-long here. If you wish to continue along without our eclectic breaks and bunny trails, definitely grab yourself a copy of the Prairie Primer and visit the great links and notes shared at We Love The Prairie Primer blog.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

LHOP: Little Town, week 3

We Love The Prairie Primer week 3 notes and links

Abraham Lincoln (see more resources on Little Town intro post)
The Compromise of 1850
Mexican War
Make a Simple Telegraph using an electromagnet
Morse Code

Monday: chapter 15
Tuesday: chapters 16-17
Wednesday: chapters 18-19
Thursday: chapter 20-21

What does Nellie's gossip about Miss Wilder reveal about her character?
What had Laura's unforgiveness caused?
Instead of their lessons, what did the boys learn in the morning?
Why do they have a new teacher?
What are name cards?
What is a bobolink (pg 192)?
How did Pa surprise Laura?
What was the War of 1812?
What did Almanzo say about his name?
How did Almanzo get his name?
How had Almanzo live up to the name he was given?
What did Marty think of bangs?
Why were both Pa and ma not enthusiastic about church? Did their attitude affect the childrens?
How did Laura curl her hair (pg 204)?
What did the girls think of the social?
Read about the Compromise of 1850. what does God say about compromise (Psalm 4:5, Luke 16:13)
Tell the story of how your name was chosen. What does your name mean? Who were you named after.
Apply these verses to Laura's attitude toward her pastor: Romans 10:12-15, I Thessalonians 512-13, Hebrews 13:17, I Timothy 5:17-18
What did Laura want to be different? What did the whole town want?
What did they do for entertainment?
What new building was finished?
How often did they have church?
What did Pa require of Laura and Carrie when they returned from church?
How were the winder days kept full (pg 226)?
What were grown people not to do (pg 228)?
How much was Laura studying?
How did Pa make a cradle for Grace's doll?
Oral or written: repeat the main verse texts and topic from your next church service
Have a family spelling bee
What happened at the party?
What 2 games did they play?
What did the older boys and girls do at recess?
Whose opinion did Cap worry about and why?
Describe the night's entertainment at the Literary?
What was Laura's excuse for not studying?
What did Laura know she must not do anymore? Who besides herself would it affect?
Build and use a telegraph, learn morse code
Look up indulgence  in the Webster's 1828 Dictionary and write out a description and show examples from the story.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

LHOP: Little Town, week 2

We Love The Prairie Primer week 2 notes and links

Monday: chapter 9
Tuesday: chapter 10
Wednesday: chapters 11-12
Thursday: chapters 13-14

Topics this week:
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
James Polk
The War of 1812
Spanish Needle Grass

Read a biography on Andrew Jackson and finish it this week
Learn some key facts about the War of 1812
Make a chicken pot pie
Apply James 1:2-4 to chapter 9
What did Pa do to get rid of the funny grass Laura and Mary got into?
What was Ma's key for thankfulness (pg 90)?
What is a corset and how were they used?
What happened to the oat and corn crops?
What did they do to salvage some of the corn?
What unusual dinner did they have?
What sacrifice did Pa make to send Mary to college?
What did Laura choose to do to keep everyone occupied while Pa and Ma were gone?
What was harder than Laura expected?
How dide they know POa and Ma were coming?
Apply Mark 2:27 to Laura
write/narrate a report on John Adams or James Monroe
What did the girls do before and after school? What did they do on Saturdays?
How did the Ingalls prepare for winter? How did the town prepare?
Why was living in town better for Carrie? What was wrong with her?
Tell the story of what happened when Laura tried to surprise Ma with a clean house and what happened. Draw it out.
Apply Romans 13:12 to Laura's attitude toward Miss Wilder.
Apply Matthew 23:12 to Nellie.
Who was at the head of the class?
What did Laura do during recess?
What did Almanzo buy with his profit from the wheat crop? Was this good money mangement?
What did they use for a drinking fountain? How did this show they did not know about or apply the germ theory?
What happened in chapter 14, and what should Laura have done? What would you have done?
Apply these verses to chapter 13: Romans 13:1-2
Apply these to Laura's comment to Nellie II Timothy 2:16-17. James 3:13. II Timothy 2 23