Saturday, April 14, 2012

LHOP: Little Town, week 3

We Love The Prairie Primer week 3 notes and links

Abraham Lincoln (see more resources on Little Town intro post)
The Compromise of 1850
Mexican War
Make a Simple Telegraph using an electromagnet
Morse Code

Monday: chapter 15
Tuesday: chapters 16-17
Wednesday: chapters 18-19
Thursday: chapter 20-21

What does Nellie's gossip about Miss Wilder reveal about her character?
What had Laura's unforgiveness caused?
Instead of their lessons, what did the boys learn in the morning?
Why do they have a new teacher?
What are name cards?
What is a bobolink (pg 192)?
How did Pa surprise Laura?
What was the War of 1812?
What did Almanzo say about his name?
How did Almanzo get his name?
How had Almanzo live up to the name he was given?
What did Marty think of bangs?
Why were both Pa and ma not enthusiastic about church? Did their attitude affect the childrens?
How did Laura curl her hair (pg 204)?
What did the girls think of the social?
Read about the Compromise of 1850. what does God say about compromise (Psalm 4:5, Luke 16:13)
Tell the story of how your name was chosen. What does your name mean? Who were you named after.
Apply these verses to Laura's attitude toward her pastor: Romans 10:12-15, I Thessalonians 512-13, Hebrews 13:17, I Timothy 5:17-18
What did Laura want to be different? What did the whole town want?
What did they do for entertainment?
What new building was finished?
How often did they have church?
What did Pa require of Laura and Carrie when they returned from church?
How were the winder days kept full (pg 226)?
What were grown people not to do (pg 228)?
How much was Laura studying?
How did Pa make a cradle for Grace's doll?
Oral or written: repeat the main verse texts and topic from your next church service
Have a family spelling bee
What happened at the party?
What 2 games did they play?
What did the older boys and girls do at recess?
Whose opinion did Cap worry about and why?
Describe the night's entertainment at the Literary?
What was Laura's excuse for not studying?
What did Laura know she must not do anymore? Who besides herself would it affect?
Build and use a telegraph, learn morse code
Look up indulgence  in the Webster's 1828 Dictionary and write out a description and show examples from the story.

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