Saturday, April 7, 2012

LHOP: Little Town, week 2

We Love The Prairie Primer week 2 notes and links

Monday: chapter 9
Tuesday: chapter 10
Wednesday: chapters 11-12
Thursday: chapters 13-14

Topics this week:
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
James Polk
The War of 1812
Spanish Needle Grass

Read a biography on Andrew Jackson and finish it this week
Learn some key facts about the War of 1812
Make a chicken pot pie
Apply James 1:2-4 to chapter 9
What did Pa do to get rid of the funny grass Laura and Mary got into?
What was Ma's key for thankfulness (pg 90)?
What is a corset and how were they used?
What happened to the oat and corn crops?
What did they do to salvage some of the corn?
What unusual dinner did they have?
What sacrifice did Pa make to send Mary to college?
What did Laura choose to do to keep everyone occupied while Pa and Ma were gone?
What was harder than Laura expected?
How dide they know POa and Ma were coming?
Apply Mark 2:27 to Laura
write/narrate a report on John Adams or James Monroe
What did the girls do before and after school? What did they do on Saturdays?
How did the Ingalls prepare for winter? How did the town prepare?
Why was living in town better for Carrie? What was wrong with her?
Tell the story of what happened when Laura tried to surprise Ma with a clean house and what happened. Draw it out.
Apply Romans 13:12 to Laura's attitude toward Miss Wilder.
Apply Matthew 23:12 to Nellie.
Who was at the head of the class?
What did Laura do during recess?
What did Almanzo buy with his profit from the wheat crop? Was this good money mangement?
What did they use for a drinking fountain? How did this show they did not know about or apply the germ theory?
What happened in chapter 14, and what should Laura have done? What would you have done?
Apply these verses to chapter 13: Romans 13:1-2
Apply these to Laura's comment to Nellie II Timothy 2:16-17. James 3:13. II Timothy 2 23

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