Monday, June 21, 2010

Paths of Exploration: Christopher Columbus

We're doing more on oceans, salt water, navigation, parts of ships, types of ships (caravels and a nao).  We are going to read Carry On, Mr. Bowditch in another week or so, studying navigation techniques again; etc. We found a neat page called The Times of Mr. Bowditch.

We'll look into several tropical areas -- Jamaica, Canary Island, Cuba, San Salvador, the Azores, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Puerto Rico...studying aspects of a tropical island life, such as flora and fauna, native dress and customs, and so forth.

We'll be looking at a study of wind currents, clouds, and sea/ocean life.

Here are some pages we're using or have used:
Columbus' Ships
Sailing into the 19th Century
Sea Scholars Lessons Plans...a variety we have/will put to use

We are growing a bit weary of Christopher Columbus to tell the truth, and we will finish his adventures, but bring on Jamestown!!

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