Sunday, July 10, 2011

LHOP: Big Woods Week 2 intro

How was your first week sharing in the adventures of Mary, Laura, Ma and Pa and little Carrie?  We had a blast.  My children love the adventurous tales Pa shares.  It didn't hurt that we actually had black bear sightings only about 3-4 miles from our homestead, either! They aren't terrible common around here, but they aren't that rare, either.  Seems during June and July, the young males between 2 and 3 years old, leave their mothers and head off to stake their own territory.  Most often found in the Delta area of our state, they can be seen farther north here, as well as throughout Alabama as well. Of course that meant we had to pay close attention to things making rounds to check the animals in the barn, you know, just in case of bear attack!

Now we head into Week 2, reading chapters 5-9 this week.  We'll learn about how Laura's family spent their sabbath time, we'll read of the great adventure Grandpa's pig took (LOL), Ma and the bear, and Pa's "bear".  We'll work on learning some church hymns for our own Sunday time, including Rock of Ages, as Pa sang for the family. We'll also get to learn about the sugar snow....maple syrup time.

I've linked the Week 2 pages in the tab along with this post.  I'd love to hear if anyone sharing in the reading here has made their own maple syrup.  We have friends in Tennessee who do try each year, though it's a bit more difficult down here as opposed to the wintry north country Laura and her family are from!

Enjoy Week 2, and if you are working on any crafts along the way, or have plans for some local field trips that tie in with the story,or activities you're doing, please share them with us!

Here is the link to We Love The Prairie Primer blog's Week 2 lessons....enjoy!

added note: Here is another blog with a few goodies on Little House and Laura herself...

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