Saturday, October 29, 2011

LHOP: Long Winter week 1

Monday we begin my favorite Little House book, The Long Winter.  For our first week, we will look at:
emergency preparedness and winter survival kits  winter preparedness coloring book  disaster preparedness/Red Cross coloring book  emergency preparedness coloring book
Homesteading in the United States in the 1800's
Earth's water cycle  coloring book
the Souix and Blackfoot Indians
The Battle of Wounded Knee
Medicinal uses for ginger
Samuel F. B. Morse biography, and the telegraph itself
climate changes (Earth's axis)
Chicken digestive systems

Weekly Reading and Notes:
Monday: chapters 1-2
Tuesday: chapters 3-5
Wednesday: chapters 6-8
Thursday: chapters 9-10
Friday: catch up day :o)

What was Ma's opinion of Laura helping in the field?
What did Mary do to help?
How did Pa know it would be a bad winter?
Discuss what Pa said the difference was between animals and humans?  Animals and the weather
What did the girls do wrong, and whose fault was it?
What did Ma surprise Pa with?
Why did Laura not like to sew?
How could Pa find his way to the stable?
Why did they have to be careful with water? What did Laura do to conserve water (pg 38)?
What did they do all day?
What happened to the cows?
What help did the haystacks provide?
What is Indian summer?
What did the Indian have to say? What did the Indian have to gain by warning the settlers?
Why was town a better place to spend the winter?
Where into town did they move?
Why did they fill the straw ticks with hay?
Where did Pa want to go and why did he not go there?

Research and write/narrate a report on The Homestead Act of 1862 to complete this week.
What are the medicinal uses of ginger?
Discuss the descriptive language used on page 8 to explain the work.
Name and discuss the 3 types of exercise needed for a healthy life (aerobic, strengthening and flexibility)
Read about muskrats, draw pictures for your nature notebooks showing their habitat, feeding habits, lifestyle, etc.
Apply these verses to your life: Proverbs 10:5, 12:11, 20:11.
Discuss Proverbs 4:26 and 6:6-8 in context with the 2nd chapter of your reading.
Begin a biography of Samuel Morse by the end of the Long Winter.
Discuss 'equinoctial' and study the rotation of the earth on its axis and the effect this has on sunrise, sunset and climate Orbit craft
How are some ways you conserve water.
Learn about the water cycle. activities from Cookies Domain  HotChalk lesson plan  water cycle lapbook
Discuss Genesis 4:9 and Romans 2:13-15 regarding the indian. What tribes lived where Laura's family lived?
Read about the Battle of Wounded Knee and write/narrate a report on this last Indian battle. 
Draw a picture of a tree with whiffle characteristics
Discuss the saying "money is scarcer than hens' teeth"  learn about how chickens digest their food

As with our entire read through this series, our main guide is our Prairie Primer and We Love The Prairie Primer, week 1 links. While searching for goodies to add and share, I stumbled across a great looking blog called Cookies Domain, sharing lots of links and pages for padding out your adventures in free homeschooling.  Enjoy!

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