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LHOP: By The Shores, week 3-4

I did have Week 3/4 in queue here, but it vanished. It took several days to get week's 1 and 2 to queue up, but when they didi I assumed week's 3/4 fell in line as well. I'm getting annoyed at my apparent lack of blogging talent these days.

Here are the core notes and links from We Love The Prairie Primer blog for week 3 and week 4: Week 3  and Week 4

Reading Schedule: Week 3
Monday: chapters 18-20
Tuesday: chapters 21-22
Wedensday:  chapters 23-24
Thursday: chapters 25-26

This week is full of  crafty fun making recycled gifts.  We found some online resources for learning about Braille and it's 'inventor' Louis Braille, and we also learning about the history of our city here.

Locally, being in the middle of a heavy Civil War battle region here (Battle of Booneville, July 1, 1862) In fact, this area between Corinth and Tupelo and off to Iuka, was fairly active in 1862. We had plenty to dig into around here.  Our city was named for R.H. Boone, a relative of Daniel Boone, something my children thought was just too cool. We have Brice's Crossroads, site of a 'substantial Confederate victory' in 1864. We are close to the Natchez Trace as well. 

Weekly Notes:
Why did the wolves return?
What had the Ingalls girls recycle for Christmas?
What was for supper on Christmas Eve?
Why didn't the Boasts wait until spring?
Show how the plates and silverware were set.
What creative way did Ma solve the problem of having no presents for the Boasts?
Hhow did Ma make good biscuits without sour milk?
What was Laura's attitude about growing up?
What did Pa think about the winter?
What did Mr. Boast use instead of coal?
How were stormy afternoons spent?
What had Pa propmised Ma before leaving for Minnesota?
What was Ma thankful for regarding the time they all had scarlet fever? What dud Ma praise in Mary?
What important homesteading news did the preachers bring? What month was it?
Who did the naming of the town of De Smet honor?
Why did the Ingalls allow the strangers to stay? What do you think about the INgalls charging for food and lodging?  How much did they charge?
Narrate the story of Pa getting the claim?
Explain the common saying, "There's nothing for certain, but death and taxes."

Memorize and mark your US map
Reread the highlights of Ingalls' Chrstmases on pg 178-179, write a composition from the remembrances of your own Christmases.
List the ways Mrs. Ingalls was a good hostess, comparing to the good hostess verses from Romans 12:13, I Timothy 3:2, Titus 1:8, I Peter 4:9-10. Make a poster displaying how to be a good hostess using the above verses.
Make some recycled gifts.
What are wristlets?
Locate Iowa on a map. How will Mary get there?
Write/narrate a report about your favorite part of your local state of city history.
God prepares us for future events. What previous events in their lives had prepared them for the many houseguests they had?
Compare the preacher's visit with the 5 strange men. What precautions did Ma make? What do you think she might have been worried about?
The Bible says to be as wise as serpents but peaceful as doves, Matthew 10:16. How did the Ingalls perform this principle.

Week 4:
Monday: chapters 27-28
Tuesday: chapters 29-30
Wednesday: chapters 31-32, finishing the book

Weekly Notes:
Where did the Ingalls move to? How did Laura feel about living in town vs on the prairie?
What did Laura wake to one cold morning? How did this happen?
What was fortunate about the blizzard occurring at night (pg 252)?
Discuss what Pa said about waiting for things to change to suit us?
What are the oldest buildings in your town? For what purpose were they built? Take some photos of these buildings for your State notebook.
Discuss and compare the architectural differences in your region.
Research the Timber Culture Act. Why did the government enact this?
Research cottonwood trees and locate one in your area. Draw a picture and label for your notebook. Trace and cut out leaves to add to the drawing.
Write a brief report about the history of your city. What factors have caused any major increases or decreases in population over it's history?
List the people who have played an important part in your city's history.
Write a description of Laura...include basic information like age, appearance and personality.
Write a book report about the life of Louis Braille.
Write out your favorite Scripture verse using Braille.

Recite Romans 8:31-39.

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