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LHOP: By The Shores week 2

This week we continue with the study of our own state and it's history. This week we will look at our State government and it's Constitution. Are you keeping special notebook pages, or simply adding to your Little House notebooks?
We will look at the history or train travel more.
We will look at bird migration. Good timing as in the US, autumn is the beginning of a great migration time.
Continuing with our study of diseases and such, we will learn about consumption, known today as tuberculosis.

Monday: ch 9-10
Tuesday: ch 11-12
Wednesday: ch 13-14
Thursday:  ch 15-17
Friday, as usual, is your day to catch-up with reading or crafting, or dig deeper into the bunny trail studies you find along the way.

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I found our State (Mississippi) Constitution online by simply searching Mississippi State Constitution...try to find your state's constitution.

What did the company do when someone was too old to work?
What should Laura do to keep the wind from drying out her hair?
What did Ma tell Laura a lady should act like? What differences do you think there are between 'ladies' of Laura's time and today?
How were Lena and Laura able to see each other?  What did they do while they mnilked the cows?
Why were they leveling the tracks?
What was the key to being a good boss?
Ephesians 4:9, Colossians 4:12, Mark 10:42-45, Romans 12:3-8,
Keep up on your states/capitols/statehood memory work!
Draw a picture of what the dump wagons look like and add to your notebook.
List the steps to building a railroad, create a mini lapbook.
Read about the invention of the train...The History of Railroad Innovations at, Railroad History Timeline

How was Pa's job different to Laura than any he had had?
What did Pa bring to the house? What did Laura see in his hip pocket?
What happened on pay day? Explain the pay system.
What happened at the Stebbins' camp?
Why did Laura like where they lived?
When would Pa look for a homestead?
What had Pa mistakenly shot? How big was the wing span? What did they do with it?
How were they collecting feathers? What would they do with them?
Why must Laura be a teacher?
Locate Iowa on the map, mark its capitol (mark each location if different from today's capitol)
Explain the saying "better a live dog than a dead lion" Read Ecclesiastes 9:4.
Write/dictate/narrate a report on the history of the railroad and create a mini lapbook
Research what the requirements were for obtaining Statehood. What factors encouraged statehood? How and when was your state's first Constitution drafted? How many changes has it undergone since then?
Locate Montana on your map, note its capitol.
Pa and laura learned about relinquishing their desires. pa gave up his desire to come west because of Ma, Laura purposed to become a school teacher. Read I Corinthians 13:5, Ephesians %:25-28, Matthew 5:37-40, James 3:14-18, Romans 12:10 and discuss what they say about you.
Visit a state historical site near you, such as a battlefield, President's home, mission, fort, trading post, etc.

Why would Laura not seen Lena for a while?
Why couldn't Pa cut down trees for a house?
Why must they have coal?
Why did it look as if they must go East for the winter? What did laura think about leaving?
What enabled them to stay for the winter?
What was Mrs. Boast's proble...and his creative solution?
Why were there no laws, or officers, not even a county sheriff, to help Mr. Boast?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood floors?
What staples had the surveyors left?
How was Mary made comfortable first? What did Mary do to help the family?
How long did it take to get things settled in?
What was the grand dessert (pg 143)?
 Describe and draw Grace's trundle bed?
Read about the history of your state from its induction into statehood to present day. Write/dictate/narrate a report or make a mini lapbook about it.
Draw your state's symbols...bird, flag, tree, etc.  Enchanted learning pages, States by FactMonster, 50 States Facts List

Who helped ma get breakfast?
Who came by and got Pa/ What did Pa do while he was gone?
Describe their evening?
What did Mary do to help with the family?
What did the Ingalls' women do after their housework was completed?
What work did Pa do in the winter?
What did Pa and Laura do during the storm? How did Pa make it?
What did Laura and Carrie do for fun?
What did they see?
Were they in good physical shape? How did that help?
What did they use to keep warm at night?
Finish your report on the railroad and its history, include facts about the government's role, its effects on westward expansion, the race across the west, the golden spike, etc.
Read about consumption (tuberculosis). Describe the method of transmission, factors that caused the disease to become active, symptoms, and past treatment as well as common treatment today. Include information about sanitariums and their routines and information on how it is screened in the body today, the presence of the disease itself, the treatment plans, etc.
Learn a simply polka or waltz.
Learn about and locate latitude and longitude lines on a globe or map. Note the degrees of location for known landmarks locally, your own home, other family members, etc.
Draw a picture and describe each piece of Lauyra's clothing listed on page 164, and what type of yarn was used in it's making.
Discuss the checks and balances within your state government and its chain of command.

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