Friday, November 11, 2011

LHOP: Long Winter, week 3 notes

Our We Love the Prairie Primer notes this week

differences in flour, white flour vs wheat flour
Livingstone's Africa text online here at Google books, the Primer also suggests the movie Stanley and Livingstone, with Spencer Tracy, 1939  Netflix has Forbidden Territory: Stanley's Search for Livingstone (1997) but I have not viewed this movie

Monday: chapters 19-20
Tuesday: chapters 21-22
Wednesday: chapters 23-25
Thursday: chapters 26-27
Friday: catch up and review

What good character attribute did Laura show in this chapter?
How did Ma grind the wheat?
What did Ma think to use instead of kerosene for light (pg 192)?
What does the common saying "count your chickens before they are hatched" mean?
Narrate/Dictate/Copywork:  tell what happened on the antelope hunt
On page 193 Pa makes a statement about modern conveniences. List some modern conveniences/luxuries we have grown dependent on
make a nutritional chart and place a star on each time you eat something from the chart groupings
make a button lamp
How do you think the town of DeSmet received word the trains would not be running until spring?
Narrate/Dictate: tell the story of the train superintendent
What did they do to lift their spirits?
What did the girls do for fun?
What unique way did Pa make to feed the horses? How did patience and perserverance fit his actions?
Why was the house warmer?
What did Pa find that he could not do?
Who was Paul Revere? a biography is here, Enchanted Learning page here
Read selections from McGuffey's Fifth Reader like Laura did in school  at Google Books, Project Gutenberg  here is a list of more online vintage Readers
How are Laura's Readers from school different from some of your textbooks today?
Use a Bible Concordance to find mention of Tubal Cain. What did Tubal Cain do?
What did ma say about complaining? What does God say about complaining?
Why was killing Ellen and the heifer calf a last resort?
How did Pa get food? How were the weather and lack of food affecting the family?
What was Almanzo thinking about doing?
Which of Almanzo's parents' saying is better (pg 258)?
Based on earlier events in the book, what arte the dangers Almanzo faces on his mission?
Apply the verses Philippians 2:14-15 and Psalm 111:5 to the story and your life.
Copywork: copy out some verses about complaining, such as Numbers 11:1
Memorize your favorite poem from McGuffey's Fifth Reader
Apply Proverbs 29:7 to chapter 25
What image of a blizzard does the word 'scouring' give?
Narrate/Dictate: describe the work Pa had to do to get hay to the house so they would not freeze to death.
What special joke did Pa and Grace share (pg 261)?
What did Pa do for entertainment (pg 261)?
When was Almanzo not glad he was free and independent? What do you think he might miss about living at home?
What did Almanzo like about mornings?
Why did Almanzo like Cap?
Was Anderson happy to see the boys? How long had it been since he had seen someone?
 What was the most convicting argument for him to sell the wheat?
From where did Almanzo get the courage to face the elements?
Narrate/Dictate: write a report on frostbite and its effects
Did Almanzo treat his frostbite correctly? What should he have done? When exposed to extreme cold, how can we help prevent frostbite?
Discuss John 15:13 and apply this verse to the story and to your life. Memorize this verse.

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