Monday, July 30, 2012

G.A. Henty, chronological order for reading history

Ancient History
1250B.C. The Cat of Bubastes
220B.C. The Young Carthaginian
A.D. 61 Beric the Briton
A.D. 70 For the Temple

The Middle Ages
870 The Dragon and the Raven
1066 Wulf the Saxon
1190 Winning His Spurs
1314 In Freedom's Cause
1340 St George For England
1380 The Lion of St.Mark
1381 A March on London
1400 Both Sides of the Border
1415 At Agincourt
1480 A Knight of the White Cross

Reformation and Exploration
1579 By Pike and Dyke
1580 St.Bartholomew's Eve
1580 Under Drake's Flag
1588 By England's Aid
1595 By Right of Conquest

Wars of Religion and Succession
1630 The Lion of the North
1640 Won by the Sword
1650 Friends Though Divided
1666 When London Burned
1690 Orange and Green
1695 A Jacobite Exile
1703 The Cornet of Horse
1705 The Bravest of the Brave
1710 In the Irish Brigade
1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie

Colonial Disruptions and Competition
1759 With Wolfe in Canada
1760 With Frederick the Great
1780 True to the Old Flag
1780 Held Fast For England
1786 With Clive in India

The Napoleonic Era
1783 In the Reign of Terror
1795 No Surrender!
1795 A Roving Commission
1795 The Tiger of Mysore
1795 By Conduct and Courage
1798 At Aboukir and Acre
1800 At the Point of the Bayonet
1808 With Moore at Corunna
1810 The Young Buglars
1810 Under Wellington's Command
1812 Through Russian Snows
1815 One of the 28th

Indian Troubles and Neighbors' Wars
1820 With Cochrane the Dauntless
1824 On the Irrawaddy
1825 In Greek Waters
1835 With the British Legion
1840 To Herat and Cabul

The Victorian Era: Defending an Empire
1850 Through the Sikh War
1854 Jack Archer
1856 In Times of Peril
1856 Rujub the Juggler
1860 With Lee in Virginia
1865 Out with Garibaldi
1867 The March to Magdala
1870 Maori and Settler
1870 A Woman of the Commune
1870 The Young Franc-Tireurs
1873 By Sheer Pluck
1873 The March to Coomassie
1879 For Name and Fame
1880 The Young Colonists
1882 A Chapter of Adventures
1885 The Dash for Khartoum
1896 Through Three Campaigns
1898 With Kitchener in the Soudan
1899 With Buller in Natal
1900 With Roberts in Pretoria
1900 With the Allies to Pekin

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