Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beautiful Tissue Paper Flowers

Are these not pretty...and fun? I found the pictoral over at Skip To My Lou, as part of her Bloggy Book and Craft-a-Thon pages.
We can't wait to make some and decorate for's coming you know.  Really.  Spring is just around the corner!

Lauren and Derek of the Curiosity Shoppe are guest posting today to help promote the Read to Feed Project! Everything you will find at their shop in San Fransisco is special. They have taken great care to fill their shop with items and ideas that will delight, amuse and inspire.  You will also find them each Wednesday at Design Sponge sharing creative and useful projects. Be sure to check them out! They will amaze you with their creativity!
Colored tissue paper
Floral wire
Floral tape


1. For each flower you will need 3-4 squares of colored tissue paper, measuring about 5" square. Stack up the paper and fold into quarters.
2. Cut a rounded edge with your scissors, adding little wavy scallops as you cut.
3. Bend the top of one of your pieces of floral wire into a loop and thread the opposite end through the center of your stack of tissue, pushing it all the way up the floral wire until it catches on the loop.
4. Wind a 4" piece of floral wire around the base of the flower, making sure to catch a bit of the paper and continuing down the stem 1"-2".
5. Gently separate the layers of tissue paper and crinkle them slightly to create the petals and give the flower some volume.

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