Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Little House: On The Prairie Week 1

One of the suggested thoughts for this book is to do a family history for your own family, during the 1870's.  We have not been able to trace my husband's history very far back...ahh, a name like Smith makes things a tad difficult :o)  But my grandmother's family, on her father's side, has been taken all the way back to England and the early 1800's so far.

You will find plenty of sites to get you started on genealogy if you are so inclined.  One of the best resources you will find is through the LDS churches FamilySearch organization records.  They offer a huge wealth of information and histories on file and are very helpful in aiding your research.

Mustangs of The Black Hills
Wild Mustangs organization
Wild Mustang Coalition
The Pioneer Woman's Horse archives...some of the most incredible photos of the wild horses that run their vast property in Oklahoma
History of Mustangs in America
Horse Colorations

Comparing Sweeteners  
Making molasses
Molasses Making Time

Basic First Aid: Sprains
Ankle Sprains
Basic First Aid Pages

A short animated clip about blood
components of blood
Children's Hospital overview of blood

Pony Express History this is our favorite well as the historic map PDF below
St Joseph Missouri Pony Express History
Pony Express Trail History
Historic Pony Express Map PDF file
The Topic: Pony Express

Native American Houses
Native American Housing

Plains Indians and The Bison
American Indians and The Buffalo
a chart for the many Indian uses of buffalo

Prairie Animals printouts

some recipes using rabbits 1 2 3

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