Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nature Year One: Spring, Wildflowers

Wildflowers of Mississippi....I know, I said we might just as well start at the beginning of The Handbook of Nature Study.  Well, We will follow the 6 year rotation from Ambleside's Nature pages instead.  I like a game plan...not that starting at page one and working through to page whatever isn't a plan.

I'm like the wind.  I change in some areas.

Probably why my poor children live a life of utter confusion from time to time.

I should name our homeschool Windy Day School or something.  Plain and Simple probably doesn't speak it plain enough and gives the wrong impression to folks.

That's why we homeschool...well, one of the smaller reasons, we can adjust and flow in other directions when inspiration strikes.  There's something to be said for free-ranging.  Although I am only suited for it with the non-core topics we cover.  If I free-ranged with the biggies, like math and English, I'd have children needing to learn English as a second language...after babble-ese or something!

So...Spring Year 1...wildflowers.
Mississippi Wildflowers
and the Ambleside link of My Wildflowers...there are some great ID pages here worth bookmarking.

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