Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wars and Battles of History

What resources do you use as study or read-alouds for going over the wars and battles of history?

I'm not even sure I know where exactly we want to start...just the American Revolution, or start with some more ancient?

The children watched Johnny Tremain today...twice...and really enjoyed it and asked a bunch of questions we've been going over today.  So, with an interest, perhaps I want to keep going and hit at least some major points of several battles before digging in and covering something on a larger scale.

Wars and Battles Timeline at About.com
The American Revolution at History Central
Wars and Campaigns at Heritage History

Do you have any read-alouds that would be good for something like this?  We will be reading Johnny Tremain, of course, and something like Ben and Me, My Brother Sam is Dead, Guns for General Washington, George Washington's Socks, The Fighting Ground, The Secret Soldier: The Story of Deborah Sampson,...and of course, we love Henty novels so we'll see what we have there to choose from (LOL...pretty much all of them!)

Just wondered if anyone else had any good books, resources, websites, blogs, etc they would go to for a study such as this.  Please share!!!

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