Friday, April 2, 2010

Pondering Unit Studies...

I'm looking at Prepare and Pray, using the novel Swiss Family Robinson, which is a favorite of ours for reading aloud.  This blogger has a good collection of links and ideas for this novel as well.

I'm also looking at a site called Learning Adventures.  They seem to have a great deal available for some really good looking unit studies. The blog I shared above has several really good links and pages for various studies/units.

Anyone have any hands-on experience with either of these unit study curriculum?  A dear online sister is sending me her copy of Prepare and Pray to check out...I'll let you know what it looks like soon.  But I'm wondering, with our fondness for reading books here, aloud or alone, perhaps we could get a bit more out of another study similar in design to the Prairie Primer.  It would certainly cover our history and science, which is where we always find gaping holes.

Here are some of the things I found so far for Swiss Family Robinson...
Homeschool Helper pages
The book itself, Swiss Family Robinson (here's the Plain text...)

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