Monday, April 5, 2010

Insects: Grasshoppers and Crickets and more

Here we go...insects.  We're starting with some grasshoppers, and other "straight-wings" like mantids, walking sticks, katydids, cockroaches, and crickets.

Seems it will be a high year for grasshoppers up in Saskatchewan...

Here's a basic information page on grasshoppers (there are pages for crickets as well there) from the University of Arizona Center for Insect Science Education Outreach...

The Handbook of Nature Study Blog also has pages for crickets here.  Barb shares a neat YouTube of a cricket singing here.  And the Handbook itself has a large selection of insects for us to cover:  grasshoppers pgs. 338-341, crickets pgs. 344-348,  walking sticks pgs. 402-403, and katydids pgs. 343-344.

 And a video on raising crickets...and making your own Cricket Keeper...

And some of the units already shared out there we will be using and touching on...
This Homeschool Share page has several insects we'll look through and print what we want to use
Here is the unit put together on insects in general by Oklahoma Homeschool page
Enchanted Learning Pages for are the assorted bug/insect pages
Bug Finder...identify those bugs in your yard ;o)
Nature Songs...songs and calls of all sorts of insects

Plenty to keep us busy.  We're thinking 2 weeks in this section of "bugs" then on to others...maybe Bees nest.  We have plenty of those around right now.


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legendswife said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for the links too. My son has become fascinated this spring with all of the little creatures and nature. I'm now following!

God Bless