Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh Boy!!! This is great!

I know...everyone knew about this but me, right?  I have downloaded soooo many audiobooks this afternoon I've got to be smokin' the site!  They are available in ITunes and MP3 format.

Books Should Be Free

oh my gosh -- the children's selection alone is burning up my computer!

This Country of Ours, H.E. Marshall
Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
Tom Saywer
Huckleberry Finn

And History --
Our Island Story is just a good read
 Story of The Middle Ages, Samuel B. Harding
James Otis....Richard of Jamestown,  Ruth of Boston
G.A. Henty titles as well!

I will spend a lot more time there for sure.  I'm tickled Jennifer shared this link!!!!  I had no idea about's that cave I live in.  I need to get out more, heh?

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Katie said...

I didn't know ~ thanks so much!!