Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paths of Exploration unit...

I broke down and ordered it.  I've wanted it for some time now.  We have really enjoyed GeoMatters' Trail Guide to US Geography, and wanted more like it.

I'm becoming a unit study junkie, I think.

We ordered the complete unit, text and all resources.  I needed another copy of The Handbook of Nature Study as ours is pretty much nothing but duct tape and prayer binding at this point.  Wonder if I can get it spiral bound?  It's rather thick...probably not.  And I really wanted most of the resources they use for our own shelves.  I like reading for fun sorts of books, but I want a library built on resources and references, with fun fictional reading added as a secondary focus, not as our primary focus.

So, between Pray and Prepare, Blessed Assurance and Paths to Exploration I think we have another year covered pretty well.  Math continues along, as does core English work (spelling work, parts of speech, etc) and areas of bunny trailing as usual.

Maybe I can stick to it for a while...?

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