Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the Prairie, week 4

This week we are wrapping up our adventures with Laura on the Prairie...
Monday: Chapter 22-23
Tuesday: Chapter 24-25
Wednesday: Chapter 26

Here are the link ups from We Love The Prairie Primer blog, and some notes via The Prairie Primer:
We are learning about prairie fires and the beginnings of the Homestead Runs. We read about the Forts that were a part of the westward expansion efforts, we built a stockade with blocks, and we read alot about the Indians Laura's family experienced, and the controversary over exactly who she ws referring to in her book.. The newer movie of Little House on the Prairie definitely follows this book more closely than the series did, though we love the series.

We listened to the fiddle tunes popular with Pa and the settlers of the time, and even practiced some jiggin' of our own here.

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