Sunday, September 4, 2011

On The Banks of Plum Creek Intro Notes and Week 1

September finds us following Laura and her family from the prairies of Kansas back 'home' to Pepin, Wisconsin and onto Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

Reading Schedules and Primer Links:
Week 1: We Love the Prairie Primer Links, Chapters 1-12, up to 3 chapters daily reading
Week 2: Prairie Primer Links, Chapters 13-23, up to 3 chapters daily
Week 3: Prairie Primer Links, Chapters 24-34, up to 3 chapters daily
Week 4: We Love the Prairie Primer Links, Chapters 35-41

Noah Webster's biography is also suggested during this book reading.
Our suggested memory verse for this book is Psalm 51.

During Plum Creek, we will touch on areas including:
Animals, insects...
grasshoppers, butterflies, moths, bees, badgers, mammals in general, leeches, blue herons, beavers,
diagramming parts of a tree, Willows morning glories, lichens, ragweed, tumbleweed,
Science in general...
Classifications of plants, animals, etc., sources of heat exchange (conduction, convection, radiation), water safety, the human body's response to fear, drying fruit to preserve, water purification, how to produce paper, hazards of tobacco use.

Follow the bunny trails you and your children find along your reading! That's what makes reading such a great learning adventure!

A great project to begin if you haven't already is work on a 9 patch quilt, or table runner. Plan to work on it regularly and complete by the end of the book.

Week 1:
Monday: Chapters 1-3
Visit a pond, lake or creek, collect some water and grasses. Place in a sunny window, then sample and view under a microscope...note your observations.
Discuss water purification reasons and methods, water safety concerns today vs Laura's time, water-born diseases.
Map the trail Pa took from the prairies to Pepin, note the terrain, compare the mileage to travels today.
Discuss the 3 methods of heat transfer, the benefits of living in an earth home or underground home.
Practice shading and drawing techniques and draw morning glories and blue flags.
Discuss incidents of complaining in Scripture.
Tuesday: Chapters 4-6
Discuss geographical terms such as butte, mesa, plateau, plain.
Apply I John 1:8-9, James 5:16, and Proverbs 28:13 to Laura's need to tell Pa about the swimming hole adventure. Compare to an event in your own experience.
Discuss and map the countries you find Swedes, Germans and Norwegians, map the areas of immigration, explore their characteristics and culture.
Life cycle and habitat of butterflies.
Collect lichens and learn how they exist.
Discuss water safety.
Read about badgers, their habitat, part in the food chain, lifestyle, etc.
Wednesday: Chapters 7-9
learn about wheat, how and where it grows, harvest and usages.
Discuss the steps to falling into sin (questioning the Lord, telling half-truths, excusing actions by technicalities, etc.
Laura led Mary astray...discuss how we must be careful to not lead our friends, or allow ourselves to be led, into situations that are not proper. Matthew 18:6 James 3:1
Study the life of bees and bumblebees.
Learn about preserving fruits by drying.
Foreshadowing...the mention of grasshoppers now and the plague in chapter 25.
Thursday: Chapters 10-12
do a word study on idleness
discuss the body's reaction to fear
mammals...characteristics, classifications and Orders
Read about the first Thanksgiving and learn about the Festival of Booths and the Israelites.

Friday is a review or catch-up day this week.

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