Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IPad Blogging....a test

We put the iPad to slot of use around here. While I don't much like typing via the iPad touchscreen, it sure beats sharing finds via the cell! I know...we still have a computer...a real keyboard input netbook machine...but I get busy with day to day things around here and I just never seem to take the time to pull it out and use it. It takes effort.

Of course, taking a deliberate effort is usually a good thing. A deliberate effort means I have scheduled a specific time frame for drafting entries and sharing. It (should) mean that I have completed other necessary duties of the day and have 'earned' that deliberate effort of computer blogging fun.

I found this iPad app to aid in my blogging (I know...I had that same gasp...I think it will be ok. Really.). It's called BlogPress and can be found at BlogPress App
It works with several blog platforms, including Blogger, which seems to have a limited access face with these things. There are others, maybe great ones even, but I'm not familiar with them...like Blogsy or QuickWordPress for the iOS.

Do you utilize an iPad in your daily networking or schooling? Do you have some favorite apps that make your iPad more useful in your day? I would love to hear what you use and what you like or dislike. Please take a moment to share!

-blessings from Hands and Hearts Homestead!

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