Friday, September 23, 2011

LHOP: Plum Creek, week 3

As always, our primary guide online is We Love The Prairie Primer blog.
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Suggested crafts this week are working on that 9-patch quilt, doll quilt, table runner, etc.

Weekly Reading:
Monday:  chapters 24-25
Tuesday: chapters 26-28
Wednesday: chapters 29-31
Thursday: chapters 32-34

What was Ma excited about?
What was different about the girls' hair? What determined the color ribbon they were to wear?
How was town different on Sunday? Do you notice any changes in your own town on Sundays vs other days of the week?
Why did Rev. Alden only come to town once a month? What did they do on the other Sundays?
Apply these verses to the observance of Sunday: Isaiah 56:2, Hebrews 5:9-10, Exodus 20:8-11
What did Pa do with the money for his boots?
Why did the walls drip with sticky pine juice?
How did the grasshopper's coming change their lives?
Do you think another grasshopper plague could happen today?
Draw a food chain cycle using the grasshopper.
Pretend you are an Israelite and write a descriptive story about the coming of the grasshopper plague in Egypt.
Read Psalm 46 when facing a crisis. How does this Psalm pass along comfort?

What did Laura see? What did Pa see?
How did the girl's honor their Pa?
How did Pa say they were better off than most folks?
What was pa's solution to provide for his family?
Where would he go and how would he get there?
How did Ma get water for the family?
What do you think about Ma having the girl's dress properly, even though it was so hot and no one else was around?
Why were the boots an important part of the letter?
Use the information on page 208 to calculate how many potential grasshoppers were in each square foot of ground.
If a person can walk 4 miles per hour, how long would it take to walk 250 miles? How many days would it take if one stopped for 8 hours a day to rest?
They mention reading Psalm 21 when traveling. How might this chapter have 'talked' to Pa?
What does the Bible say about providing for your family (I Timothy 5:7-8)
Proverbs 24 distinguishes the fall of the righteous man vs the fall of the wicked. What is the difference? Read Psalm 57:1 also.
How many gallons of water do the Ingall's use daily? Compare this to your water usage daily.
Laura describes the drought on pg 219. On a page, write the 5 senses across the top and under each sense, list those that Laura used.
Learn about the underground water tables in your area.
learn about the heat index (and the wind chill...)

What is a thresher?
What was the first problem Pa solved when he arrived home?
What did Laura think about Mary getting new shoes? Was this right? Have you ever felt like this?
What did Pa trap and why?
Why would it still be "grasshopper weather"?
What schedule did the Ingalls girls follow for homeschool (pg 245)
Talk about the process of taking a bath in Laura's day vs now.
Make a warning poster about envy using each of the following verses: Job 5:2, Proverbs 14:30, I Timothy 6:3-5, Titus 3:3-5, James 3:16
God provided what Laura secretly wanted. Any coat would have kept her warm, but this one shows how God cares about even the details in our lives. Memorize the following verses: Philippeans 4:19, I John 5:14-15, Psalm 23:6
Write a descriptive story about a favorite doll or toy you've had.

How long did the grasshopper walking last?
Why did Pa leave whistling?
What caused the fire? How did they fight the fire? Who helped? How did he know they needed help?
Why did the girls not wear their mittend when digging in the garden on a cold day?
What was the salve on their hands made of?
What did the girls do to calculate Pa's arrival? Why did he arrive earlier than they expected?
Draw a picture of the most immpressive part of the grasshopper's migration.
Copy (narrate or dictate) your 2 most favorite descriptive paragrahs in these chapters. Underline the verbs, circle the nouns, etc.
Apply Joel 2:25-26 to the grasshopper problem at Plum Creek.
Look up and draw pictures of ragweed and tumbleweed (Russian Thistle) for your nature journals.
Eat turnips :o)
Discuss how true Proverbs 27:10 proved to be. What else could this verse mean?
Study the properties of fire:
kindling temperature...fuel...oxygen...
Knowing these properties, how does a firebreak work?
Send letters to families and friends in other areas and note the dates sent with the dates arrived and see how long the postal service takes today compared to Laura's time.

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