Friday, September 23, 2011

LHOP: Plum Creek wee 2

After several failed attempts at posting, or at least saving these last fe3w weeks, I think we have it worked out. At least I hope so! I don’t know how many are even following along with our reading here, but I’m sure those that are have managed along perfectly well without my little input here.  Our main text (the book series as well as our guide, The Prairie Primer) and the great directions and notes shared by We Love the Prairie Primer blog are more than enough to keep us going along.  The units are fun, not strict ;-)

Do you have your own set of the original Little House on the Prairie series, illustrated by Garth Williams? I found a great price recently, via ABC Distributing on the original boxed set.  You can check them out here 

Notes and Links for week 2 here.
Monday: ch 13-15
Tuesday: ch 16-18
Wednesday: ch 19-21
Thursday: ch 22-23
Friday is the catch-up and crafting day this week.

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