Friday, September 23, 2011

LHOP: Plum Creek, week 4

Fun Extra's this week:  On The Banks of Plum Creek Trivia, extra sites and learning with On The Banks of Plum Creek, Harper Collins' 17 page PDF on the series.

We Love the Prairie Primer Blog Links and Notes for week 4.

Quilt patterns, particularly 9-Patch (or Disappearing 9-Patch...even a Crazy 9-Patch with no straight lines!)) and Bear's Track.  Have you started a quilt of your own during our reading? Have you considered all the things that you could make while learning to quilt? Pot holders, table runners, doll quilts, sampler blocks, etc.

Weekly Reading:
Monday: chapters 35-36
Tuesday: chapters 37-38
Wednesday:  chapters 39-41, end of the book!

Which of Ma's character qualities were given on pg 285? How would you describe your mother's qualities?
Which of Pa's stories prompted the girls to carry in the firewood?
How did Pa find his way to the stable and back with limited visibility?
Why did Pa milk the cow, even though he wouldn't make it back with much milk?
With what did Pa compare the previous places they had lived?
What did the girls do during the day?
What did the girls do with their slate?
What type of quilts were the girls working on? Whose quilt pattern was more difficult?
What did they do on Sundays? Why did they not go to church?
Choose an experience from the story told from laura's point of view and rewrite it from another point of view (Ma, Pa or Mary) Ideas: How Pa felt walking East for work, what Ma thought while Pa was gone to town, What Carrie thought of her sisters carrying in the wood, or when the oxen ran away...
Learn about Beavers...Enchanted learning pages,  Beavers: Wetlands and Wildlife, National Geographic Wildlife: Beavers, learning activities page...
What are the health hazards of tobacco use? Design an anti-smoking poster for your home.
Apply these verses to tobacco use: Proverbs 14:12, John 10:10
Read page 291 and discuss what Laura thought would happen when they got older.

What chores did Ma do in the barn?
Why did ma put a lamp in the window?
What did Laura sneek down to see Ma doing?
What did Ma do to Carrie's pajamas?
What came down the stovepipe? What do you think caused it?
What character qualities did the girls show while Ma was doing Pa's chores?
What happened when Ma went out to do the chores?
What did Laura think about crying?
Why did Ma not leave the lantern in the window on the second night?

What did all the snow mean for the wheat crop?
What had Pa bought in town? How did each help him when he was stranded?
Why could Pa not stop walking? What kept Pa from having a sense of direction in the storm?
Pa knew he had to keep walking and not give up. Proverbs 24:10, Isaiah 40:29, Romans 8:31-39, Psalm 27:5. What gave him strength to continue?
How did God provide for Pa?
How close was Pa from home?
What was the girls' reaction to Pa eating their candy?
What did they do for Christmas eve?
Which is your favorite song that they sang?
What did laura say was so good about this Christmas?
Write a 2 page report on Noah Webster.

It's time to recite Psalm 51 :o)

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