Friday, August 3, 2012

BlogShare: Storm The Castle

Medieval Times is our focus area for the coming school season. I had some ideas for projects, with my varying ages here I can run the gamut from easy to more detailed with no problem. What ideas I had definitely pale in comparison to the great projects shared by Storm the Castle!

Here are just some of the ideas I think we will glean from this fun blog...

Great diorama ideas for a whole Medieval village, and a cigar box castle, complete with detailed photos and step-by-step tutorials, even better, these are inexpensive craft materials.
There are several catapult projects and trebuchetsand more shared throughout the blogsite, here is just one of the projects...this one uses an embroidery hoop!
Not just your average, run-of-the-mill shields and swords and chainmail...even a helmet we may use for the Viking portion of our study...these are just a couple shared, definitely check thru the entire site for more detailed projects along these lines.
a stained glass window project...I had no idea there were black glue sticks out in the world, LOL. We were considering really basic...clear ConTac, torn bits of tissue paper, and no real design plan (more of a full window suncatcher)

We will definitely be bookmarking the Storm the Castle site and visiting again (and again) as we stroll thru the Middle Ages!

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Eddie said...

We love that site! The guys actually made the 3 foot high tennis-ball-throwing trebuchet in July, which I'll be posting the videos for soon. Well, more sepcifically, our epic fails which were funnier than the success.