Monday, August 6, 2012

More Medieval goodies to share

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I wasn't actually looking for more Middle Ages stuff. Honest. I was simply making a couple copies of a reading log, and there was this little blog share in the sidebar, and I clicked on it while I was printing. It wasn't my fault. It was a bunny trail. You just can't resist a bunny trail that flows along the same thing you are working on, right? Of course you can't, just admit it.

Hello. My name is Deanna and I am a bunny trail addict.

So, my meanderings actually paid off with some more printables to use as we embark on the first leg of our Medieval Tour, the Vikings. And speaking of meanderings, how cool is it that the first stop is actually called Barefoot Meanderings????  Is that Providential or what?

Barefoot Meandering blog has a nice planning calendar for putting together your Story of The World V2 lessons and other 'ages' well as reading lists, mapped out for the year.

A Book in Time has some great craft links and reading suggestions we'll be putting to use over the fact, there are several pages with crafts for different era's, and plenty more to explore there.  Make your own shield, with patterns and directions, make a knight's helmet,

The Vikings, a Lesson Plan

Medieval Flashcards  you can print 2 copies onto cardstock, or laminate, and use for Go Fish

NEW LINK added 9-3-12...Coat of Arms craft

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Eddie said...

I'm making notes for next year here. Thanks for sharing!