Thursday, September 6, 2012

More Middle Ages links and resources

Why am I looking for more when I have an over-flowing basket of read-alouds, lapbook and notebooking components, craft project ideas and more already?
I'd like to give some well-thought out answer here, something deep with meaning and chock full of wisdom and all, but alas, I am what I am and that is actually my best answer.

I am an over-planner. Really, that is a serious understatement. We have a slew of a slew of GoogleBooks in queue on the iPad, a basket of in-hand reading goodies and some still on the shelves (and who knows what fun we'll find lurking in the local library on top of these?). I have pages and links, resource bits, projects, lapbook and notebooking pages and binders, coloring pages...if it walks and talks Middle Ages, Knights, Castles, Vikings, Robin Hood, King Arthur and anything else medieval, I've lined up at least a link to it for us to peruse and possibly put into the year-long plan of action here.

Will I use all of these resources? Of course not. I'd bonkers even trying to fit in half of them, let alone touch on all of them.  So, why on earth do I have so much on my plate? And what am I doing scanning the 'net for even more that may go unused?  It's that over-planning curse I carry.  That and I'm schooling such a wide assortment of children here, 7 this year ranging from 1st grade up thru the finals of high school. I need variety to get the gist across as we cruise thru.  Obviously the youngers aren't going to grasp some of the deeper plans as we go along, and the olders are only going to put up with so many creative coloring assignments, but I have tons to share just the same.

My thought process...if I have it, if I supply it, they will learn more than I have planned.

So, we have more notes I've stumbled across to add to the mix. I suspect there will be more as the year unfolds and we walk deeper into the forests of the Middle Ages as well.

The Vikings in Britain
PBS NOVA The Vikings, with a neat walk-thru virtual tour of a Viking village
Vikings and some short worksheets
Project Britain Homework Helper
Google Books...Old English History for Children
Children's British History Encyclopedia online
some book ideas via The Happy Homemaker UK blog

Fun stuff coming ahead.  I need more printer paper.

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