Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Construction Ahead...

I will be working (slow as molasses I'm sure) at changing the blog around to better fit what I need to have here as an interface.

I will be making alot of changes to the sidebars, and maybe the entire template in general.

If by chance I've shared something via a sidebar link that you are interested in, you might want to grab it for yourself and bookmark it, as I make no claim to being a blog designer and who knows what links I'll lose in those sidebar areas.  You know, best laid plans and all that.

Just a heads up.  I don't think too many folks are chomping at the bit for my terrific blog shares here, but you just never know who is checking in and lurking about :o)


legendswife said...

Ah, I know how that is. I think I changed my blog template about four times?(hmm.Yes it could be more) to get it the way I wanted. Then I went back and tweaked it the way I wanted it. (sigh) so I feel ya!
:)Have a blessed day!


Nikki said...

We had fun putting together the Jamestown replica when we studied that era a few years ago. I love free resources :)Blessings! ~ Nikki