Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BlogShare: Boost for Readers, Word Mastery, American History

Ok, in the technical sense, Boost for Readers is not a blog...it is a website.

It's full of goodies to give a boost to young readers.  Pages of word lists, decoding pages, early reader booklets to print as well as 1st grade reader booklets.  There are a lot of useful things there.  We use the spelling lists alot with young readers here.

Along the same lines, Word Mastery is good program for teaching reading, and it's free :o)  In fact, Don Potter has an excellent collection within his Education Pages worth checking out (and printing!).

And one more favorite of mine -- Mr Donn's History Pages.  Obviously, we are looking more into his American History pages right now, but he has several other worth a peek!

Ok, I'm off the computer and back to the task at hand today -- all our Jamestown pages are printed and ready to notebook-up.  I need to lay out all these puzzle pieces....POE Jamestown, POE Pilgrims, indian lapbooking and notebooking units, Pilgrim lapbooking units, early 17th - 18th century life units...and figure out how to fit them all together!

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legendswife said...

Hey sounds like you guys are having a blast this summer. Don't work too hard! Thanks so much for the links.
:)Enjoy the summer. God Bless.