Thursday, July 1, 2010

POE Plans Ahead...

Well, I've run the numbers, um, dates, and we won't be walking along with the Jamestown folks and Pilgrims during (or even just before) Thanksgiving.  Oh's not set in stone that November is the month for Pilgrims, right? (uh...right?)

Here's how it appears to be working out:
Columbus sails off into the bookcase in a couple more weeks
Jamestown, 6 weeks, starting the week of July 19th, ending the week of August 23
The Pilgrims, 6 weeks, Aug. 30-September 27th
Daniel Boone, October 4-Nov 11th
Lewis & Clark, Nov 15-December 20th
a break for alot of Christmas baking and regrouping, and starting with the New Year, we begin the Trails West portion, Jan 3-Feb 7th

That actually works out well.  I will be able to get prepared for buying the Paths of Settlement curriculum next and move on to the Revolutionary Way and Civil War.  And, those dates are really just tentative.  We have been dragging Columbus along like dead weight, but the end is near :o) 
Given plain daily LIFE, we could end up adding time to any (or each) of those 6 week plans, which .  That's just how things happen...we're a large family, canning season is coming, goat breeding is here....just regular life in  any farm family, really. 

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