Thursday, July 1, 2010

Independence Day: Thoughts, Crafts and Food Fun...

We have a short unit study we will be doing for the July 4th "holiday", although I think this year we will be very low-key for the weekend.  Normally we put out a great deal of time...and funds...into a great fireworks show.  We have alot of neighbors who have come to enjoy our display here, and I suppose it's almost a tradition, but not this year.

One, this bi-monthly budget plan I'm working the kinks out of didn't allow for it...
And two, is there really a call for celebration of some level of independence in the United States anymore?  Not to get overly political and all, but really folks...we've leased off, sold out, and otherwise given away our freedoms by allowing the government such a far reach.

But, I digress...Independence Day, 4th of July...Miss Emily's birthday celebration :o)  Miss Emily turns 4 on July 9th, but she fully believes that the fireworks...everyone's fireworks displays...are in celebration of her :o)  We don't correct her -- she's too cute, young, and innocent to have her fireworks bubble burst, just yet.  But, this year will be decidedly more quiet, more prayer-filled...yet full of fun crafts :o)

Here's some of what I've found so far:
The Crafty Crow has several pages of 4th of July craft, here, here and here  and several fun games for any summer fun day.

We'll be making our Amish Sugar Cut-Outs and decorating them with red, white and blue for fun

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legendswife said...

Thanks for the links! I love finding new ideas to incorporate for school and family fun.

God Bless